51, 52… and 53!

I heard voices say ‘Go!’, so I went to the fire.

Blue Spark (Matt's Explosion)

Blue Spark (Matt’s Explosion)

I ran willingly to experience all it offered.
Cleansing my past.
Clearing my space.
Creating my future.

My arms open wide,
My face to the sky, I welcomed the heat.

Swirling energy.
Circling my head.
Flames licking the night.

Pulling others to it’s trance.

Explosion 52 (Vynilla's back!)

Explosion 52

The fire created new

I remember the fire.
I feel the burn…
and it lights my soul.

the fire

The Fire

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  1. Jill

    Congrats on achieving your goal! So inspiring!

    1. Ellen

      Thank you, Jill!! It feels great to be in this space! Aloha!

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