Because the world needs more happiness. Because if we touch one person with kindness and joy, we affect their circles and begin a ripple effect.  If we can create a million little nuggets of happiness and connections, imagine the ripples it creates. The world will be a better place for us, those around us and those who come after us.

Share a little happiness. Today.

Short Bio:

Ellen Jenny Watkins’ mission is to create ‘A million nuggets of happiness’. Because when we touch those around us with happiness, they take that forward to their circles and it helps heal the world.

She’s an artist who creates beautiful cards, is a Desire Map Facilitator, and inspiring speaker. All this to help strong passionate women connect to themselves and others…because it matters to us all.

Long Bio:

Hi. I’m Ellen Watkins.

Writer. Creator. Facilitator.
Adventurer. Connector.
Champion of Happiness.

I am fiercely committed to helping people of all walks of life achieve happiness and inspiration by helping them foster creativity, build connections, and nurture meaningful relationships, ultimately building a better life for us all.

I tried to push down this creative spirit, and for many years I did. Now, it’s back,…I’m back… and there’s no stopping it.

At the early age of 8, I made cards for my teacher. But when I was told they weren’t good enough, I stopped. In Junior High School, when my art teacher told me I did it wrong, I got mad and stopped. But, then in college I took an art class for one of my majors and it all connected. THIS FEELING was amazing and I just knew that is what life is about. THAT feeling, THAT drive, THAT expression and putting THAT into the world for others to experience.

Out of school, I was painting and showing all over, having a great run, and selling cards of my work at each show. It was exhilarating. I even had a print vendor want to sell prints of my work. And then, I got caught up in the ‘business side’ of art, trying to make it right for others, trying to push beyond the ‘10% of artists who make it’ and I got stuck. Stuck in someone else’s idea of what it should look like, what it should be, and how it should be done. I got stuck in the business side of art. And, then I went the corporate route for two reasons…. to make money to make prints and because I thought I had cancer. I didn’t, but I stayed there because of the insurance in the stability. Then, I quit creating. And, the prints never got made.

For twenty years I created a great life helping Fortune 100 companies with their training needs and leading teams to success. I traveled the world and met incredible people from all nations and walks of life. I met and married an incredible guy, had a son I never expected to have, and I made the conscious decisions to pursue what made me happy. I drove my life. But something deep down was missing and I knew I wasn’t as happy as possible. I kept hearing: Create. Create. Create. But I kept pushing it down. I had failed before, let it go and I didn’t want to feel or hear that ‘not good enough’ voice again. During this time, I took a course: Connect with Anyone, by Scott Dinsmore who founded Live Your Legend. And, in this course Naz and Leah, the amazing coaches from RYPL helped me through those barriers. And then, I heard more: Write. Create. Facilitate.

Now, I’m back. THAT feeling is back and I’m not letting it go again. I’m on a mission to re-connect with my creative spirit and spread some happiness. And, I’m helping others do the same through workshops, coaching and beautiful art cards. I’m using the many skills I learned along with way to Write, Create and Facilitate these lessons so you, in turn, can take those to your circles and continue to spread these ripples throughout the world.

We need it. The world needs it.

Thanks for coming to the site! Post something and let me know you’re here. I love connecting with people and I love to hear your stories.

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Happiness is not something ready made. It comes from your own actions. – Dali Lama

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