Celebrate II

Celebrate II

Celebrate II

Let the celebrations continue!

Fireworks are always better in groups, and these are no exceptions. This continues the Celebration and Explosions from last week and there will be more. OOhh… there will be more!

As we take stock of the new year (I count new years at birthdays, too.), I can’t help but think of how I’m surrounded by good people. And, I’ve been so lucky to see amount of good people expand this past year. And, moreover… so lucky to actually FEEL the support of all these good people and friends as I work through the 52 images in 52 weeks project and it evolves into cards, books, speeches…and beyond.

Today, I celebrate all of you. All the support and guidance you’ve provided. All the special orders for personal cards. All the times you’ve listened to me work through my demons and fears as I’ve reconnected with my creative spirit. And, all the times you’ve helped me develop an idea. And, most importantly… the smiles you share when these touch you in some way. You help keep this going. The energy you show and give is intoxicating and makes me explode with excitement and joy. You are the ripples that matter and touch others.

Today, I celebrate you. Thank you for being here, for sharing these with me, and for sharing the ripples with those around you. It matters in so many ways.


I automatically think of Amy as we complete the month of Leos. (ROAR!). I created this on her birthday, so of course I thought about her and how important she is to so many things. She’s as bright as any other Leo, and yet she’s the calming force to our chaos. She’s part of the very special Manifesting Intentions Ladies Lunch and mastermind group. She’s the keeper of the addresses, the keeper of all dates, and the ‘go-to’ friend for anything you need. She brings a sense of peace and order to any project, day or party. And, she always says positive things about people…even when she’s telling you ‘exactly what she thinks’. It’s a skill I have yet to master. She’s true blue. This blue explosion of peace and majesty is for her. Happy Birthday, Amy!

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  1. Brande Camp Yarnell

    Love it! You are talented in so many ways. I’m honored to call you my friend!

  2. Tracy Hawe

    ROAR! I’m so lucky to know so many great Leo’s!

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