It’s important to celebrate life! Celebrate the big things, and sometimes even more importantly, celebrate the little things. If we celebrate and find joy in those small items, then we bring a little happiness to ourselves and eventually to others.

Sometimes it’s hard, life gets hard, and it’s just plain hard to see past the shit. But, if we keep moving, keep finding the joy – even in the smallest ways – then it grows and expands, and eventually it can explode into something greater than we ever expected.

How do you find joy in the small ways? I’ve learned to do a few small things daily, to celebrate my life and those around me.

  1. Meditate and mentally list a few item for which I am grateful. I don’t keep a gratitude journal, although sometimes I do write them. But mostly, in those moments when I’m most connect to my subconscious, I take a minute to be grateful for my life, my family, my success (especially after a hard work day), living in a beautiful free country, the sun, my dinner, my wine ;)… whatever it might be.
  2. Say it to others! This is hugely important. TELL people they are important and they matter. Celebrating the uniqueness of others makes ripples in amazing ways. In you and in them.
  3. Move my body. One of my most favorite things is to walk on the hike-and-bike trails here in Austin. And, also swim in the cool water in the 100+ degrees in summer… but mostly, I love looking at the clouds in summer. The puffy white clouds of Texas in the hot July and August months are the kind where you can see and imagine endless images… not to mention just soak in the amazing power of nature and what surrounds us. It always puts things in perspective and connects me to my inner self.
  4. Enjoy the ‘shit’. While this sounds easy. and rather simple, it’s the hardest thing of all. At various times, I’ve sat sobbing on the floor or crying at the dinner table because it’s been so hard. But, it’s also in those moments that I’ve learned that change happens and new roads get paved. It’s taken time, but now I can celebrate those days, too. I admit it takes focus to get ‘out of that space’, but when you do, you can start to elevate beyond it and see other alternatives. You have to be willing to make the moves and commit to it, but these are the most important personal times to celebrate.

Do you celebrate the little things… the hard things… and the daily things? I’d love to hear about it and share in the celebration. 😉



August is the time for Leos! It’s my birthday month, as well as my best friend, Tracy. And, many other very important friends, too. I knew there’d be more explosions created and as summer came and I wanted to celebrate birthdays, many more came. This one is for her. As I took a look at the past year, and the future in front of us, it shines of possibility and excitement! It’s vibrant, exciting, energetic, and has an overarching sense of order, balance and beauty. Just like her. Happy Birthday, Tracy! With this, I celebrate you and our years, years, years of friendship. ;D

This explosion is one of a few created this month to celebrate my Leo’s. Look for more in future posts.

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  1. Tracy Hawe

    I love you Ellen! Thank you for reminding me to stop and celebrate every now and then! My life IS FULL of possibilities and love and if I’m not carful I just may miss something! You are such a wonderful friend and I wouldn’t know what to do without you in my life!

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