Everyone needs a Bunny…or two



Everyone needs a Bunny, or two… or more.

Everyone needs to know who they can count on when the going gets tough, when they are at rock bottom and when BIG change needs to happen.

Do you know who you would call if you sold all your stuff, moved across the country, and then moved back after only 2 and 3/4 days? Do you know who will take you in if your relationship is falling apart and is becoming an abusive situation? Do you know who would come get you if you can’t even pull yourself off the couch?

I do know. I absolutely know. These women and men have stood the tests of time, They’ve taken me in, held me while I shook from my core and cried. They’ve told me the frank truth, no matter how hard it was to hear. They’ve been there for me in those situations. They really supported me through the big changes. And they were there through all the little changes during my 52.

Do you know who will support you during your own 52? As you go through your own changes?

Bunny is this person for Robin. She’s the woman who supports everyone, always there, the go-to person if you ever need ANYTHING. And, she’ll give it to you straight up, with a smile in the way only Bunny can do  – which can even make you feel good afterward. She is Robin’s solid rock. Her mother, her friend, and one of her foundational people.

Bunny was also raised right. She has excellent manners and still sends personal notes to those important people around her. And, since everyone calls her Bunny, she likes to send cards with bunnies. (of course!) But, they are always hard to find – especially when it’s not Easter. (of course!) Robin wanted to give her a special gift and asked that I create a signature card – something special for Bunny – so she would never again have to hunt for bunny cards.

I know Bunny, too. She’s given me support through the years and even shared her love with my young son. OF COURSE I’M GIVING BACK TO BUNNY! This is part of what the 52in52 has become for me. Connecting those important people around you, because it creates ripples of happiness and touches people’s soul. It thrilled me to give back to Bunny in just a simple way for all she has done for me, Robin and countless others.

Bunnies remind me of spring and of Easter, so the sweet Bunny and flower came first. That is Bunny’s original card. And, when I shared it with Robin, it made her cry just little because it was so special and she knew how much it would mean to Bunny. And, that made my heart bust open. OMG – THAT’S the feeling I want all the time.

But – I realized there was just one little problem. It was almost winter here in the US and it just didn’t seem right for Bunny to send spring thank you cards during the holidays. Sooooo…. there was only one thing to do. Make a winter bunny, too. Because everyone needs a Bunny… or two… that they can always count on.

bunny's tree

Bunny’s Tree

I love you Bunny! And, I’m so happy to know you and experience a little of the joy and love you share with others!


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