Fresh Start

Fresh Start

Happy New Week Everyone! Here’s a little something to inspire and energize you as you move forward this week.

Sometimes it’s good to take time, reflect and re-calibrate on items. I’ve done a lot of soul-searching about next steps for this project. Soon, I’ll have 52+ images and I’ve wondered where this will lead. What I know is that I have a vision of creating a million ‘nuggets of happiness’ with these images. (yes, those are the words that keep coming up in my head.)

I want to help create a little happiness in this world. We need it.

If I can create something good here and affect those around me, then you send that forward and that sends ripples into the world. Imagine the impact of a million ripples of happiness!

And, this is just the start… it’s just one part of a larger vision of helping people connect to themselves, their creativity and to each other. I’m not sure when all this will lead yet, but I’m following that voice inside that I trust so much.

First steps are to make some small changes to the site and open an ETSY shop to sell these cards. It’s a great place to start getting those ‘million nuggets’ into the world.

I’ll post more specifics as I make changes and images are in the shop. Stay Tuned! There are more images… and more happiness… to come!

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  1. Robin

    Fabulous! Get that Etsy shop going, Girl! Your cards make me hapoy and I love being able to send a personal note, thank you, etc. to family and friends.. Love spreading some of those “nuggets of happiness.”

    1. Ellen

      Thanks, Robin! You just made my day! 😉

  2. Tracy

    happy, happy, happy! You and your creativity make me HAPPY!

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