Have you seen the moons?

Full Moon

This season had some spectacular moons! Some mornings I’d wake very early – before anyone else – and walk outside to look at the stars in the quiet of the early morning.

I must have been on the full-moon schedule because there were several times I caught it this summer and it was SO bright. Unusually bright. It was like the moon was calling to me. Did you ever see Moonstruck, with Cher? It’s like that moon. The one that makes you moondrunk and keeps you awake at night.

Full Moon 3

This year, I’ve learned that I get inspiration from nature, from the sky and from the stars. Not just for these images, but in my soul. That time in the morning is spiritual and I came away feeling connected… to myself, my dreams, my ideas… and the energy that creates all things. On those days, I was a better person for taking that time.

Full Moon 2

There were other times, I’d just remember where I’ve come from this past year and in life. For awhile when I was young we lived on the edge of El Paso where there was very little light pollution. Before bed, I’d sit outside and stare at the stars. I’d look for any constellation and try to pick them out. I never got any good at identifying them, but I still LOVE to stargaze, moon gaze, and generally sky gaze. These moments made me feel connected to the child inside… from so long ago. There is timeless magic in the stars… all those stars in the big Texas sky.

Moon and Stars

These images are inspired by the moons and stars this past season. There was magic in these moments and I learned lessons on a deeper scale. Enjoy them and take some time to think about where you’ve come from… and where you’re going. The stars just might have something for you, too.

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