Make a Commitment… to yourself

Feeling Winter image

Feeling Winter

This course I’m taking is almost over… just a couple of more weeks to go. I’ve been thinking about how to continue the momentum of activity and passion it’s helped develop. It’s important. The words ‘commitment’ keep coming to mind…and particularly one statement:

If you can’t keep a commitment to yourself, how do you think you’d be able to keep one to others?

I read this statement about 10 years ago and it’s stuck with me since then. It’s a very powerful thought. Over the years, some commitments I’ve kept, others I have not. But, today, I’m trying again to make and keep a commitment…to myself.

52 Images in 52 Weeks.

‘They’ say that writing it down and putting it in front of others helps with accountability. I did not want to write this down because if I didn’t finish the 52 images in 52 weeks, it would give me a way out ….and nobody would know. So, there… here it is. In front of the everyone and in the web. It might be microcosm dot in the web-verse but it’s there.

Now, the powers of intention, connectedness and universal gifts have to help make it happen. I’m just striving to have a little fun, put a little happiness out into the world and see what happens from it. I hope it makes others happy, too.

It’s important to me to continue to the process of creativity. This commitment will help me as I work a little bit on each image each day. It will help me ‘get out of myself’ and ‘out of my own head’ as I post for others. And, most importantly, it will foster that feeling I get in my heart when I’m working in pure freedom of expression. Somehow, this is my gift and I’m supposed to be doing this. It’s time to get to doing it again. It’s been tooooooooo tooooooo long that it’s been held silent.

Some images will be better than others, I know, and am finding peace with that. I’m just going to start – right now with the skills and tools I have. These will evolve over time.

This week’s image was created with winter in mind. It’s been cold, wet and raining in Austin this weekend. They said it might snow… of course it didn’t… but it got me feeling very holiday and wintery. It’s definitely made me want to do some skiing or snowboarding this year. Maybe we will. But until then….

Have a hot chocolate – maybe with a little butterscotch schnapps – and enjoy the snow.

Will you make a commitment for yourself? Will you have the courage to tell others and post it? If so, let me know and we’ll support each other on this adventure.

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