Ellen packs a punch as a communicator and trainer! I attended the Culture and Communications workshop facilitated by her and left with lasting impressions of key takeaways. Ellen weaves personal anecdotes into learning concepts, and coupled with her animated delivery makes the workshop very engaging and impactful.  – Jessie L.

Ellen has a gift of getting people out of their shell to talk about sometimes sensitive issues, and how to solve those issues. She makes communicating to a global audience look easy. Everyone who attends a class that Ellen facilitates leaves with a fresh outlook.” – Anna B.

I had the pleasure to meet Ellen the first time at a summit in Mailand (Milan). Although unsure what to expect of the summit, the other attendees and the trainers, I was more than positively surprised by Ellen and the trainings she gave to us.  Even confronted with colleagues from so many different countries, different stages of business expertise and knowledge, Ellen outperformed as trainer by not only giving everyone the right information needed but also was able to include and motivate everyone.

One of her greatest abilities as a trainer and presenter is, next to her incredible knowledge and experience, is simply “working with the audience”.  Instead of just delivering content in a certain time-frame, Ellen makes absolutely sure to include the audience, monitor their understanding and motivate them to bring in feedback. Due to her positive personality the audience feels right from the start welcomed and motivated to contribute to the training or presentation.

Having been myself once in one of her trainings for a group of people from different countries, different languages and quite different levels of job experiences, I soon experienced how soon this group became “one group”., working, discussing and proactively working together because of Ellen´s mentorship.

Due to her incredible training skills she clearly exceeds in sharing her knowledge with the audience, by giving the right information to the right people and in making sure to not “loose” the audience by underchallenging or overcharging it.   -Bianca W.

Ellen is very engaging.  She likes to talk and connect at an individual level. – Clint B.