Simplicity Matters

Up and To The Right

Up and To The Right

Have you ever thought of something and then think… it needs to be better! It’s great the way it is, but it needs to be better!

I thought this way about this red image.

I love patterns. I always have. The recurring theme, the vibration of the lines, the energy of the space and how it’s laid out.

This is the image that started the ‘box of failure… turned to box of possibilities‘. For weeks I looked at it, saying… “this can be better. It’s so beautiful to me but I can make it better.”

Why do we have the need to change things…to change people… when they are perfect the way they are?

I turned it over and around, and looked at it different ways. Then, as I put it with the circles rising to the top, it struck me. It’s fine the way it is… it’s perfect the way it is… with the circles going up and to the right. This simple pattern, this vibration, this series (that’s slightly off) spoke to me. I love it. That’s why I pulled it out of the box. So, I honored that, kept it the way it is and put it on a vibrant orange background.

I’ve been in the corporate world for almost 20 years and I’ve seen graph after graph after graph. The ones that represent the ‘best’ business outcome are always ‘up and to the right.’ Sometimes, the patterns in these graphs take me to someplace else. I hear the words of the presenter, but it’s the pattern that matters. This pattern matters. It’s simplicity matters. It’s Simple. Perfect. And, Up and To the Right. With room to grow.

This project is going Up and To the Right and I’m so glad you’re along for the ride. 😉

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