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The One True Voice

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Now… for this weeks post…

I believe there are 3 internal voices we have… and they are always tripping over each other to be heard. The cacophony can keep you up at night and other times it can be be quite numbing.

What I’ve found in life is that when I listen to my one true voice, I always come out OK. While I may not like what it has to say, and sometimes it’s the hardest to decision to make, in the end if I’m true to that one voice, and take action on that… then it leads me to where I’m supposed to be.

These 3 voices are: your head, your heart and your gut. The trick is to be able to silence two of them enough to hear the one voice that really matters.

Your head is your logical voice and always tells you what is the societal right thing to do. Don’t move, take the job with more money, don’t take vacation… or do. You can logic any decision and make it appear the right thing to do.

Your heart voice is your emotional voice. It’s the love, the fear, the emotion behind everything. It can tell you to hang in there with the wrong person because you LOVE them so much. It can tell you to stand still and not ever move forward because it’s just too scary… and then your logic voice chimes in with all the reasons it’s scary. They can work together and play off each other.

Your gut voice is usually the hardest one to hear, not only is it buried waaaay down inside, the other two can be so ridiculously loud that it becomes hard to hear. For me, this is the one ‘true’ voice. When I listen to this voice, take the time to really hear it AND THEN have the courage to take action on it… then I’m always lead to the correct end result.

Now, that’s not to say that you will be in a bad spot by listening to the other two… you could end up in an amazing spot. But, what I am saying is that when you’re questioning what to do, and are looking for the ‘right’ decision…then this is your guide. People say ‘follow your gut’… I do and it has become my guide.

The exercise I do to hear it is simple, but it took practice to honor it.

  • Shut your eyes
  • Clear your head of thoughts
  • Ask yourself a basic question about what you are trying to decide
  • And, listen for the very first very quick answer that comes up. It’s almost instinctual. What is it?
  • Once the other voices come in with the logic and the emotion, then you know it’s too late and you’ve missed that true voice. (They come right in, so be quick to listen.)
  • Start over, ask again and hear what it says. It’s usally very simple and very basic. Sometimes it’s one word, sometimes it’s a short sentance.

Honor what it says… even if you think it’s crazy. It’s not. Once you acknowledge it, then you can begin the process to implement it and being the process of change.

Here’s to following your one true voice and having the courage to take action on it.

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  1. Bianca

    Gut voice, nice concept. I wanted to add to what you said about it being the hardest one to hear, that they all sometimes seem to be so ingeneously entangled that it is hard to hear which is which. :-)

    1. Ellen

      Hi! Thanks for posting!
      It definitely took practice for me to understand which one is which… and for me.. the very very first, most automatic is that voice. Once the 2nd, 3rd response comes up I know that I’ve over-thought that response and tried to ralationalize my answer. I just reask… maybe even a couple of times to REALLY know I’m listening. The funny thing is that I try to sometimes think it’s wrong and just don’t take action on it. But eventually, I always come back and I hear the same thing. It just doesn’t go away until I do it.

      1. Bianca

        I’ll try and remember that next times it happens: the gut voice is the very first one… In fact, I noticed happening exactly what you described during a guided meditation. We were meditating on a specific subject and the first thought that came up afterwards was immediately overruled by another. It happened so fast I probably wouldn’t have noticed if I hadn’t just made acquaintance with the concept Gut Voice!

        1. Ellen

          LOVE IT! nice listening…and learning. 😉

  2. AK

    Wow, that’s a great explanation of the voices in my head – been trying to explain to my parents forever the distinction between the heart and the mind, but never really separated out the gut as well.
    Thank you for the practice! I’m still working on trying to hear my gut voice. The logical voice is too loud.

    1. Ellen

      Mine is so loud, too. It took practice, listening, and most importantly courage. There are so many times I want it to say something else, but if I had the courage to hear… and take action… it’s always good in the end. Even if the road to the end is rocky. It’s worth it. You’ll hear yours too. Keep at it! 😉

      1. AK

        It’s peeked out a few times before – most notably when I realized that my two relationships were either at a dead end or were not right for me… Definitely good at cutting losses, that one 😛

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