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The Process of Change…and moving through it

Have you heard of the process of change? It’s a proven step-by-step series that we all go through… no matter what the change… no matter who the person.

It’s scientifically documented. Some people go through it smoother and faster than others. Some people get stuck in a step or two along the way. Once you know these steps you can see it happening. You can actually identify who is stuck – and where – and who barrels right on through, almost seeming to jump over a step. I’ve seen it listed a few different ways since I learned this process and recently my friend Shannon Kelly of The Power Up Project sent this reference for me. It’s great information for those that want more details and specific resources.

Over the years since I learned about this process, I remember and describe the steps this way:

  1. Statement of the change. You have to think about and state the change.
  2. Complete resistance and reaction to the change. This is where you see some people get stuck and powerfully resist, or see them accept it. And, it’s different with every person and every change.
  3. Acceptance of the change. Sometimes with an attitude, sometimes without any emotion. Just the acceptance that it’s going to happen.
  4. The change itself. Acceptance and the real change are two different items. Be very aware of this. Just because you accept it, does not mean you do it. Take action.
  5. Result of the change. Finally, after the action, you get the result. Sometimes right away…sometimes it takes awhile. But, you’ve made change, and change begets more change, and there will be a result from it.
  6. Maintain the change. (Shannon added this in our conversation. I know maintenance is important, so I’m adding that from now on. Thanks, Shannon!)  You have to practice something for it to stick. Remember: 21 days makes a new habit.

Working in training and coaching for so many years, I’ve seen people and teams go through it in many ways. It’s always very interesting to me. And, recently I’ve watched myself go through it. I re-learned my lesson every step of the way with this blog and new series of creations.

I didn’t create any art for almost 20 years…that’s a LONG time for something that is so innate to me. I honestly didn’t think I’d be creating again. I remember my first conversations with Naz and the Pursuit of Purpose team, and I adamantly said this voice (‘write, create, facilitate’) was definitely NOT talking about creating art again. It MUST mean something else. I was most definitely stuck at #2 for most of these years. Then, when I finally accepted it and blew up those negative voices and fears, the images started coming barreling out! I love having it back. And, now there’s this blog, too. Talk about an unexpected result. Now, I have to maintain it.

I recently posted 7 new images – which all came out at once it seemed. My maintenance commitment is 52 images in 52 weeks. There are at least 3 others in my head stepping over each other to get out. And, I KNOW there are more after those. Come back and see how this maintenance process is working for me… and how the images evolve. Personally, I’m very curious to see how the images look later this year.

Are you moving through the process of change…or are you stuck in a particular phase? If you are…have the courage to say it and move beyond it. The other side is amazing! Share your experiences below. It’s through sharing that we all learn.

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  1. AK

    There are so many changes in progress in my life right now that I’m in all of those different stages.

    It’s great that you’ve rediscovered your love of creating art though! Way to follow your gut!

    1. Ellen

      Trying to! Thanks for all the love and support!!!
      Crazy how you can be one person, yet be in all the phases at once for different things, huh? Very interesting.

      1. AK

        To tell the truth, it’s quite confusing to be everywhere at once – haha! – but I can’t handle changing everything simultaneously so I’m trying to slow down and focus on one thing at a time.

        My inner child gets distressed when I push too much change at one time; she’s tired of not having any play time, so I promised her to visit the swing-set today.

  2. Shannon

    Love your change process! I agree that the statement of change is essential. One change I’m currently making is with my eating habits. I have declared my change to several people who will hold me accountable.

    1. Ellen

      Accountability is so important! And, telling more than one certainly helps, doesn’t it? Good luck with your change and thank you for sharing!

      There was a point where I wasn’t sharing… so it wouldn’t matter if I stopped… it’s been another personal journey to share an idea at the beginning – not just the outcome or end result. It’s hard to be so vunerable, but it’s made the relationships stronger. Another great result of a change. 😉

  3. Bianca

    Sometimes you don’t even have a say in it; that’s what happened to me. I had a cerebral infarct at the age of 40 and that forced me to change my perspective on life in general. I’ve been lucky, but I’m not quite the same as I used to be. At present, I’m in stage 4. Or perhaps even 4 and 5 at once, going back and forth between the both…
    I believe it’s going to be a long haul. In spite of the hardship, it is continuously bringing me a lot of beautiful presents… and I’m not even there yet!

    1. AK

      The Universe is always trying to teach us something and also show us a way to be better. Congratulations for making this a gift rather than a curse – you’ll also heal faster if you’re positive! Sending you good thoughts!

    2. Ellen

      Hi! It’s nice to see you here…I’ve been reading your blog from the LYL Guild. It’s amazing you’re here and I would imagine you wouldn’t be the same after something so impactful. I bet you are different on sooo many levels. You are lucky! I’m honored to learn through your story. In spite of the challenges, it sounds like you’re in for an interesting ride! And, yes sometimes you can sorta spin in a level or two, going back and forth. Can be maddening, huh? 😉

      1. Bianca

        Blogging is definitely a way to channel the whole course of events. Changing your life is not something that happens overnight and it’s absolutely a rocky road for me as I have absolutely no clue where the potholes are…
        AK as well as Ellen; it’s also a blessing to speak to such nice, encouraging ladies such as yourselves…
        Happy 2014. :-)

  4. ellen watkins

    +1 on all that Bianca! Happy New Year and to all the new things next year. 😉

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