Let’s get this started!

Do you have visions? I do… not the full ESP version, but quick fleeting moments of clarity. These are sometimes so powerful that I HAVE to pay attention to them. This is why I’m starting this site and this blog.

This vision started with some words. They have been forming in my mind for awhile:

Write, Create, Facilitate

I wasn’t sure how to make this happen, but through a course I’m taking: Connect with Anyone via the Live Your Legend Site it’s begun to form. So now.. here we are. This vision came to me in the shower – seems like most great ones come while bathing or driving – and it stopped me cold. Here’s what I saw:

  • I saw this site:

  • I saw a running blog with images of the cards I’m creating for some friends…and future images yet to come.

  • Along with images, I’ll have comments and the ‘life lessons’ I’ve learned through the years. My friends are always getting my ‘unsolicited advice’, but sometimes it’s helpful, so now I’ll post those here, too. (I also saw this streaming off into an e-book or something at a later time.)

  • I saw a link to a master location of the images, so the world can download these for free. Free was big to me…I’ve learned through this course, and following others, about the value of giving to the world. These are my gift to the world. I want to help spread some happiness and this is one way to do it.

  • I’ll also have some quick links so the images can be sent to local or online printer and people could make their own cards or use them for e-cards, or desktop images or whatever makes them happy. (people will have to pay for their cards on their own, but the images are available to the world.)

  • And, then I’ll also have a link to ‘buy me a coffee’ or a ‘glass of wine’, or something to help spread the love. Having coffee or some wine with friends while we’re catching up, or cooking with my husband or just being in the company of others is one of my favorite things. Talking, drinking, bonding = love it. πŸ˜‰ It fills me and gives me energy.

  • And because he’s my all time supporter… there’ll be a link for my husband to ‘Matt’s World’ (or whatever it’s called) so he can also have an easy place to share all his creations and treasures. (Just wait till he finishes building the amazing BBQ smoker he’s created!)

I came out of the shower and told my husband about this vision. He’s so great and just looked at me, did a little ‘hop’ on his toes and said. “OK!’

For the last week or so, I’ve been trying to scan these latest images into a quality form for posting and creating the cards I’ve promised to people. But, alas, the images are still pixelated and not ready for posting or printing. That makes me very sad. So, today – we’re off to buy a new scanner to try for the 4th time to get it going. (The next post will probably be ‘the value of incremental progress’. :))

And, then… I’m following the guidance of Derek Sivers. I’m starting here, getting it going and it can only get better.

Keep checking back in, and wish me luck!

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  1. Nazrin

    OMG… you have visions in the shower too. This is where all my BEST thinking gets done. In fact I am regularly told if we are stuck on getting clarity on a point to go and take a shower. :)

    Congratulations Ellen of kicking this off. I see a vision of something amazing coming from this blog.


      Oh thank god you do your best thinking in the shower, too! That’s hysterical isn’t it?!?! Thanks for the support – I appreciate it more than you’ll ever really know! πŸ˜‰

  2. Bill McCloskey


    The bath is where I get my ideas. And, as you know, I totally connect with your “visions” since I have them myself.



      I knew when I read your Only Influencers post(s) about your vision that I had linked to a kindred spirit. As I’ve said before… here’s to more visions!

  3. pennypopo

    LOVE IT!!! And I’m SO proud of you and happy you’re creating, sharing, and loving this awesome but sometimes confusing and challenging world. I’m you’re biggest fan (and publicist – LOL!), and am so thrilled to see you get this going!

    BTW – next million dollar (or free idea to align with sharing our special gifts) is going to be waterproof, erasable wipeboard for the shower :-)



      I think this might be your widget! LOVE IT!
      And, you know that I’ll be coming to you soon for some more PR help. πŸ˜€

  4. Amy Werst

    Congratulations Creator of Happiness! I am so proud and happy for you. Cheers to more visions, manifesting intentions, and love along the way. You ROCK!


      IMW!!! Intention Manifesting Women!

      1. Pam Harries

        Wow!! Your energy is so powerful!! Congratulations Ellen! I can’t wait to share your creation! A job well done! XoxoPam

        1. Ellen

          Thanks, Pam! Hope everyone enjoys the card! πŸ˜‰

  5. Angela Adams

    No shower visions for me; my brain does its magic while I sleep. If I’m struggling with a problem, I just go to bed. In the morning, the first thought that pops into my head is generally a creative, elegant solution to that problem from the night before. I could try sleeping in the shower for the really thorny problems, but hey, we’re in the middle of a drought here! :)

    Best of luck on your new website!

    1. Ellen

      HA! Love it! I wonder if they sell waterproof pillows?

  6. AK

    You can do it! :)

    1. Ellen

      Thanks for the support!!

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