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Circles of Love

Circles of Love


One of the best parts about this project is making signature cards for people. The ripples from one of the first signature cards is now coming the ripples from a pebble thrown in a lake that go out, then eventually come back.

Last year, I made a card for Pam in her fight against breast cancer, and this is the new one for this year.

Cancer is my biggest fear. My father died from one of the rarest kinds, and it’s my fear that I will have to deal with it myself. Twice, I’ve thought I had it. Luckily, I didn’t. But, I know others who have. It’s a pervasive disease and it hits more than just the person and immediate family affected by it.

Pam not only had skin cancer, but her mother had breast cancer, and her 11-year-old niece has battled it her entire life. (Her strength of character is something to admire!) But, Pam doesn’t sit back and wallow… she’s doing something about it. And, not just one thing, she’s doing something again, and again and again.

Pam rides. And, she rides…and she rides. She rides for her health, the health of her family, and the health and support of others. She’s a part of something bigger than herself and she’s putting herself in the ‘drivers seat’ to make a difference in this fight and in this world. She biking to beat breast cancer by riding in the Texas Mamma Jamma Ride.

I created this image to support Pam in her efforts. This is her signature thank you card for this year,  The circles of family, the wheels of riding, and the love that extends around her family are bigger in meaning than any disease. That energy is what lives and grows and what matters

Being willing to fight and make something positive out of something terrible is what matters.

Please help me in supporting Pam in this mission to fight cancer. For all of us.

And, from all of us… Thank you, Pam. 😉

In a continual show of support, all profits from this year’s card, Circles of Love, and last year’s card, Love Love Love, will always go Pam’s fund to fight breast cancer.

I donate a part of my salary to the American Cancer Society already, but these profits will go to this Breast Cancer ride, from this day forward.

If you would like to purchase a set of cards and help support the fight against breast cancer please contact me at

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